Q: When are movies updated?
A: The new releases are updated weekly and available every Tuesday, which is the national release date.

Q: How do I pay for renting a movie?
A: The machine accumulates charges per night, per DVD, plus tax. Your credit card is charged when you return the movie.

Q: How many movies can I have out at the same time?
A: You can rent up to 5 DVDs at the same time on one credit card.

Q: What is the deadline for returns?
A: You have up to 20 days to return your movie. If you do not return the movie, the credit card that you rented the movie with will be automatically charged the listed selling price of the DVD.

Q: What will happen if I lose the movie?
A: If you lose a movie, the credit card you rented the movie with will automatically be charged the listed selling price on the 20th day the movie is checked out.

Q: What do I do if the DVD I rented is scratched or does not work?
A: Please call Greenpond Corner Grocery at 423-332-5050. You will not be charged.